2013: A New Beginning

Below is the “Party Column” by Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director, Joe Fadness.

Since the mid-term elections in 2010, Wisconsinites have been burdened with election after election and a never-ending campaign cycle. Over that time, Republicans have stood unified against the attacks from big union bosses and special interest groups.

The state of the Republican Party of Wisconsin is strong – and we have you to thank for that. Together in 2012, we protected our Governor and Lieutenant Governor from a baseless recall, captured back the State Senate, made gains in the State Assembly and returned all five Republican Congressional members to Congress. And while we have many reasons to be proud, we cannot be complacent if we want to continue such success in 2014.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is excited to launch a new grassroots initiative – Project GO RED. This first of its kind program is aimed at building county parties, stimulating grassroots activists, and engaging likeminded coalition groups who believe in our common sense, conservative approach to government. Project GO RED will serve as a catalyst to lay the foundation in 2013 for a successful and rewarding campaign season in 2014.

To help reach our goals, the Republican Party of Wisconsin will retain four permanent Regional Field Offices across the Badger State. This tremendous investment will serve as a base of operations for all things Republican in their respective areas. The full-time staff will partner with you as we work to build and move our parties forward.

We must lay the groundwork today if we want to be successful in the mid-term elections. Project GO RED will help determine if 2014 is another historic year for Republicans in Wisconsin. As partners, we will create an unprecedented grassroots organization to protect Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch and the gains we have made in the State Legislature.

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