Kewaunee County Update

Kewaunee Counties 20,500 residents do not have an effective media that keeps them informed.  The closest we have as any County-wide media would be Kewaunee Star News which is big on sports and advertising, but woefully lacking on the county news front.  Most importantly, there is nearly zero reporting on what is going on with regard to local school boards, county board, city or town councils and even township news.An informed citizen is a citizen who can make better decisions when going to the polls to vote.

The Republican Party of Kewaunee County is providing you a convenient, easy way to access the monthly goings-on in Kewaunee County.  It is not our intent to editorialize, however from time to time, if the subject matter calls for it, we may add a comment or two.

From our perspective, the highest priorities in our county are;
*  Clean Ground & Sufface Water
*  Health & Human Services Accountability
*  New County Jail


Kewaunee County Board of Supervisors Meeting
June 29 –  County opportunity to have replacement for Green Bay Correctional Institution and first reading of Revised Sanitary Ordinance
August 1 – Cost of living increases approved by Board

Finance and Public Property (meets twice each month)
July 6 – Overtime continues to be the norm in the Sheriff’s Department
August 1 –  “Clean” Audit shows  Humam Services a negative Fund balance of -$804,035
August 10 – $1 transfers Marquette school to City of Kewaunee

Land and Water
August 8 – One less CAFO in the county

Health Veteran Services, Child Support
Veteran Services Committee Meets

Highway and Solid Waste Committee (meets twice each month)
June 12 Meeting – Landfill – Special Rate for City of Kewaunee for Marquette School Demo
June 22 – RFP for leasing Landfill Facilities

Health and Human Services Committee
June 21 – Replacing Autos with Vans

Personnel Advisory and Legislative Committee
June 15 – It’s Unanamous – Kewaunee County willing to have new State Correctional Facility in County
July 26 – Is retroactive pay in the cards for mistakes?

Promotion and Recreation Committee
June 13 – Ham Radio Group Rents Fairground Facilities

Law Enforcement / Emergency Management Committee
July 18 – NIMS (National Incident Management System) compliancy low in County – 199% Overtime in Jail?
August 10 – Medical expenses for Jail need to be increased, why not explained!

Agriculture & Extension Education Committee
June 14 – Tornado warning interupts meeting

Revolving Loan Fund Committee
July 18 – D-Lux Flooring loan payments reduced

School Districts

Algoma School District
June 19 – Girls Track Team declared 2017 State Champions

Kewaunee School District
June 19 – $110,000 donated to School for Inclusive Playground

Luxemburg/Casco School District
June 26 -Six resignations and Nine New Hires

City Council Meetings

City of Algoma
13 May – A total non-event?

City of Kewaunee
June 12 – Karsten Hotel is delinquent on both Property Tax and Room Taxes

Village of Luxemburg
Jun 13 – Village of Luxemburg would like to be considered for the new State Prison

Kewaunee County Townships

West Kewaunee Township
May 16 – Tom has been receiving complaints on the house at County E & FF–no explanation

Ahnapee Township
Minutes not posted, problems with website

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