Kewaunee County Republican Party Welcomes You

The Kewaunee County Republican Party (KCRP) was formed to support
the candidates and principles of the Grand Old Party in this small town/rural
county in NE Wisconsin. Kewaunee County is home to 20,500 largely
working-class residents and sits on the shores of Lake Michigan. The
voters here are predominately conservative, believe in hard work, individual
responsibility, our Constitutional freedoms, and those basic American
values that have made our nation the greatest nation on earth.

The KCRP represents the grassroots of the Republican Party and we
receive nearly all our financial support from our members. We do not
receive any direct funds from the National or State GOP. We have been
very efficient and effective with the resources we do receive and the
election results in the County bear that out. Republican backed candidates
typically garner in 60-65% of the vote in general elections.

We encourage all Republican, conservative, libertarian, and like-minded
voters to join the KCRP and help us continue to promote basic American
values and continue our legacy of success. You can find a link to our
membership form here:
Kewaunee County Republican Party 2023 Membership Form 

In addition to this website, please visit our Facebook page where we
regularly post items of interest and discuss the virtues of conservative
policy and the dangers and hypocrisy of the radical left which now controls
the Democrat party —
Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or comments you
may have at the address below. Thank you for the support of our party and
our principles!

Kirt Johnson
Kewaunee County Republican Party

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