Kewaunee County Update

Kewaunee Counties 20,500 residents do not have an effective media that keeps them informed.  The closest we have as any County-wide media would be Kewaunee Star News which is big on sports and advertising, but woefully lacking on the county news front.  Most importantly, there is nearly zero reporting on what is going on with regard to local school boards, county board, city or town councils and even township news.  An informed citizen is a citizen who can make better decisions when going to the polls to vote.

The Republican Party of Kewaunee County is providing you a convenient, easy way to access the monthly goings-on in Kewaunee County.  It is not our intent to editorialize, however from time to time, if the subject matter calls for it, we may add a comment or two.

From our perspective, the highest priorities in our county are;
*  Clean Ground & Sufface Water
*  Health & Human Services Accountability
*  New County Jail


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