County Update – April 24, 2013

Please feel free to forward this post to all your Kewaunee County friends, relatives, in-laws, outlaws, business associates, etc. 

If you have in the past surmised that our Kewaunee County employees are compensated fairly, my guess is you were correct. I completed, on my own time, a salary comparison of Kewaunee Co. employees to those of 11 other counties and found our employees on average are being paid $3,700 higher than employees with comparable jobs in other counties.

I have attached both my Kewaunee Co Board Activity Update and my Salary Study as PDF’s as that seems to be a universal format that everyone can open.

If you have any problems opening the attachments please let me know.

On the landfill, the resolution that was in front of the board which would have prevented expansion of the landfill to Phase III has been withdrawn.

Ron Heuer
District 12
Kewaunee County Supervisor

Click here to download the Kewaunee County Board Activity Update.

Click here to download the Salary Study.

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