Counties may perform only those functions assigned to them by state law. These functions include things such as road maintenance, law enforcement, child welfare, and park maintenance. These services often overlap with services provided by municipalities.

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” -H. L. Mencken

Board of Supervisors

Kewaunee County is governed by a county board of supervisors, which is a legislative entity whose members are elected by county voters from distinct districts within the county. A board-appointed county administrator is responsible for the day-to-day management of the county government.

The supervisors serve two year terms and are all elected on even years in the April non-partisan elections.

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Board Members by District:

  1. Gary Paape
  2. Cory Cochart
  3. Charles Wagner
  4. Robert Weidner
  5. Kent Treml
  6. Dan Olson
  7. Chuck Schmitt
  8. Doug Doell
  9. Scott Jahnke
  10. Thomas Cretney
  11. Aaron Augustine
  12. Mimi Dobbins
  13. Kim Kroll
  14. Tom Romdenne
  15. Linda Teske
  16. Virginia Haske
  17. Joe Lukes
  18. Lee Luft
  19. John Mastilar
  20. Kaye Shillin


The county clerk serves four year terms and is elected on Presidential election years in the November partisan election.

Kewaunee County Clerk: Jamie Annoye (D)




Matt Joski

Circuit Court Judge

See Judges.

Clerk of Circuit Court

The Clerk of Circuit Court is a partisan office

Rebecca Deterville

613 Dodge Street, Kewaunee
Phone: 920-388-7144
Fax: 920-388-7049

Register of Deeds


District Attorney