GOP Presidential Candidates

GOP Presidential Candidates – As you well know, the number of GOP Presidential primary contenders continues to grow.   In addition to former President Trump, we now have the following list of candidates in the race.  I’m listing them in order of their announcement date and am providing you the link to their websites –

And that list could get longer.  Frankly, there are many excellent candidates on this list and any of them would be a massive improvement over Joe Biden.  Even the relatively unknown Vivek Ramaswamy comes across as a bright articulate conservative who is highlighting some excellent issues. This list clearly shows that the Republican bench is much much deeper than the Democrat bench.  Democrats can’t seem to find anyone better than Biden which is an extremely sad commentary on the state of the Democrat party.

In addition to considering which of the GOP contenders we each might personally prefer, we have to consider which candidate can actually win the general election in 2024.  It doesn’t do us much good to nominate a Presidential candidate that can’t win in November.  So, let me ask the question that is being discussed by rank-and-file Republicans all over the country — “Considering all that has happened up to this point, can Trump win the general election?” If you think he can, then he is your man.  If you think he is too damaged and has turned off too large a percentage of the electorate, then you have to decide who is the best or strongest candidate of the other contenders.   That is going to be the critical question as we head into next year.  And whoever our eventual nominee is, all of us have to give it everything we’ve got to support our candidate as it is absolutely critical that we regain the White House in 2024.

Finally, I would note that a lot can happen in the nest year that could impact the course of the primary campaign for both Republicans and Democrats.  I am still not convinced that Biden will end of being the Democrat candidate.   Biden could have some epic embarrassing moment that would drive home the point to literally everyone that he is too old and is too mentally compromised to be a serious candidate for President again.  And with a number of investigations into Biden and his son, legal troubles could certainly derail a Biden candidacy. On our side of the ledger, it is hard to know what might transpire on the legal front for Trump and how that might impact his candidacy.   Also, could there be some defining moment in the next year that will clearly propel or sink Trump’s effort to be the Republican nominee for a third time?   And Trump isn’t getting any younger himself.  DeSantis appears to be the strongest alternative to Trump at this point.  Will DeSantis gain momentum or will someone else gain traction?

In any case, I urge everyone to keep an open mind as it is still early.  I’d be happy to chat about it all and interested to hear your thoughts at this point if you feel inclined to share them with me. Kirt JohnsonChairman